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Pueblos del Sur


Scarlet frog, Atelopus sorianoi Red-nose lizard, Ameiva provitai Merida’s coral snake, Micrurus meridensis Mountain rattle snake, Crotalus maricelae Capurí rocket frog, Aromobates capurinensis
Dr. Enrique La Marca
Andes Mountains in Venezuela

Pueblos del Sur is a unique region of the Venezuelan Andes composed of five ecosystems. Its environments are under constant threat and the flora and fauna of this region have not been scientifically studied.

One of our most exciting projects is the biological survey that will take part in an area named Pueblos del Sur. This region is an isolated area of high biodiversity within the Venezuelan Andes.

One Small Area — Five Distinct Ecosystems

One of the most unique aspects of this region is the inclusion of five different ecosystems in a relatively small area. This area lies unprotected between three national parks and most likely serves as a corridor for numerous species. Our team will be conducting an extensive biological exploration using and training graduate students from the University of the Andes. Some of the animals already known to this area, but unstudied, include; Andean bear, Andean condor, torrent duck, several species of hawks and eagles, parrots and numerous species of amphibians and reptiles.

Better Documentation Leads to Better Protection

The high level of biodiversity, the lack of scientific documentation about the animal life in the area, and the constant threats to the habitat all make this project extremely critical at this time. There exists the possibility of establishing ecological corridors between this area and the national parks, but only if the wildlife in this region is scientifically documented. Once the scientific basis is established for protection of this area, we will begin the educational and conservation aspects of this project.

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