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Introduction from the Founder

Global Conservation Connections enables stakeholders to solve environmental problems through sound science, conservation education, and sustainable living. This is accomplished by using our resources and talents, working together with those solving conservation issues where they live.

This organization is the culmination of 43 years working with and learning from many different types of people in locations around the globe. In Peru, Venezuela, Thailand, South Africa, Antarctica and many other locations, when I was interacting with others to solve problems, or to learn about the natural world, I was fulfilled.

There is no limit to the number of conservation issues, and always a large number of passionate individuals offering to help with those problems. One of the central issues has always been finding reliable and successful individuals or organizations in range countries who have experienced a high degree of success using conservation dollars donated to their efforts. My background and past successes with conservation efforts removes many of these uncertainties; and my experience working with a diverse array of individuals and organizations, sometimes with opposing groups of people, allows Global Conservation Connections to enjoy a high level of success.

Stan Searles, Founder & Executive Director

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